Ways we're working to enable XELS
Expansion of ELESOL sales
With the use of XELS, we will expand the market into the areas where elesol Co., Ltd has not yet touched. Five to ten percent of the sales raised at market expanded anew will be utilized to push up the value of elesolCoin.
Expansion of the goodwill of ELESOL business
In order to enforce the sales within market already established by elesol Co., Ltd, elesol.org (elesolCoin) will negotiate with elesol Co., Ltd for the transfer of sales areas. If the both parties agree that there is a synergy, the benefits will be shared from the already established market.
Request to carbon exchanges for cooperation
We will tie up with carbon exchanges of various countries and companies trading CO2 emission rights, and we will try to achieve the smooth trade of carbon offset across countries by improving the efficiency of carbon trade with the use of XELS.
Donation and cooperation to environmental organizationsts
We plan to contribute part of the benefits to international environmental preservation organizations once elesolCoin price is stabilized and we are able to share the benefits with elesolCoin holders.
Collaboration with manufacturers of energy-saving green products
Elesol.org will gather the evaluation of energy-saving green products from public. In order to promote the use of products receiving a high evaluation, we will send these products to customers who purchased XELS coins on the XELS coin purchasing platform.
Regularly-held Eco-Tour
We plan to arrange various tours exploring beauty of the Earth and risks caused by environmental changes, collaborating with leading travel companies. So stay tuned!
Investment and R&D promotion for the next generation technologies
Besides from electric power saving and carbon offset, there exist various technologies possibly contributing to global warming countermeasures; however these technologies often lack enough funds.
Other activities
In order to raise the awareness of the people earnestly considering the assets of XELS coin-holders and global warming, we will enforce information disclosure and communication through SNS. We will also organize PR activities, advertisements, and seminars.
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