The Day Has Finally Arrived!

Today is the day where I can stop using my anti rejection eye drops! As of today I can consider myself fully recovered from my cornea transplant!

I am also past the period where the majority of the cornea graft rejections occur which should mean that this cornea transplant should last me for a long time. This also means that there wont likely be much activity on my blog unless things change will still be keeping this blog up for archival purposes.


I am now one week away from the day that I get to stop taking my anti rejection eye drops.

This also makes me day that I am fully recovered and I am also out of the time frame of which most rejections occurs.

Today marks the two year milestone

Two years ago today was my official diagnosis of keratoconus. It sure shows how fast time goes by as it doesn’t quite feel like it has been 2 years since I found out about this eye condition that was going undetected all these years. This most likely started way back when I was in high school.

another month another milestone

Late post but as of yesterday im 2 months away from the day I stop taking my anti rejection eye drops.

This point will mark the point where i’m considered fully recovered. Things have been going pretty smoothly and no longer having issues with my left eye’s contact popping out.

Today marks yet another milestone

As of today I only have 3 more months of taking my anti rejection drops.

As per usual this will mark my full recovery. Things continue to go smoothly and once I am done with my drops I will be past the time frame where the majority of cornea graft rejections occur and should be able to anticipate my new cornea to last for quite some time.


My appointment went as expected and quicker then expected.

For now my contacts bring my Left eye to 20/30 and my Right Eye to 20/20. Things are going well in terms of my vision.

The threat of progression of my Keratoconus in my Right eye remains as does the rejection of the cornea graft in my Left Eye but for the time being I’m in really good shape again. My next appointment is in six months.

Today I have my first checkup for my RGP contacts

Today I have my first checkup appointment to ensure that things are going smoothly with my contacts and that the fit is correct.

Based on how things are going I expect things to go mostly ok. The incident of loosing the left contact once will be discussed but given how the replacement is going fine don’t anticipate anything major to go down.

It was expected to have a little bit of issues with my Left eye due to abnormal eye shape and if the rgp contact becomes too much of an issue i’ll just have to get to scleral contact for the left eye. The right eye is going perfect.