Ahmer Ali Qaiser
Web Developer - Graphic Artist - User Experience Designer


I been working in PHP world from last +3 years and also developed my own version of framework that reduce the extra load to build salable app. I love NOSQL databases and JavaScript technologies like Angular, React, Vue. Recently I build Hyrbrid App (Android & IOS) for US client in Ionic 3, Typescript & Angular 4, and write the REST API in Lumen (Laravel Micro Framework). now a days I'm learning Machine learning algorithms and worked on projects in which we talk users comments from Facebook on particular post and than apply ANN algorithm and find meaningful patterns like who many people are positive about the topic or how many like this topic or post, now app only detect English language and in future I'll add more languages and improve the algorithm so when I get board from web development, I love to researching cool technologies and learn them and build something. As far as you know how you basic programing works, you can code in any programing language, it's the logic not the syntax. I do wire framing, MVP and can design frontend from scratch, SEO (Schema.org, Facebook & Google Analytic, In / Off page SEO), I can write unit test and do acceptance testing to make sure I deliver the quality products, I usually work 14 to 15 hours daily and on weekends I develop local projects or freelancing stuff as a developer, I have less social life which means lot of time for learning :) and Obviously we always in need of learning and when we stop learning we have no career left.

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